Does Your HR Department Need a New Name?

Does your HR Department need a new name? Remember the Personnel days? Depending on your size, a name change could be a major endeavor or very simple. Often small companies chose to rename during an HR leadership change and post the job opening as something new and exciting like Champion of Employee Eternal Delight (kidding, not kidding). For example, a Regional Airline client, wanted to give HR a complete reputation makeover. The newly appointed Vice President came from Operations and knew what people were whispering about behind closed doors: HR was unfriendly, compliance focused, resistant. You know all the words that are often hurled at HR as we try to be both the company’s legal co

You Do You

My job as a talent partner is to help peel away the layers so that employees can have frank, authentic and enjoyable relationships! Wouldn't it be great if you could bring the real you to the office each day?

We are featured in Undercover Recruiter!

It's exciting when you get to a point in your career where you have something useful and insightful to share with a large audience. Glad to know that there is a tribe committed to recruiting the best of industry by going beyond the job boards! Here is the link! Personally, I can't stop smiling!


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