The CRAZIEST Thing I did to Earn Capital for my Business

Last year, I was launching my HR Consulting company, ​A Slice of HR. While advisory services typically have fairly low-start up costs, I needed cash for things like marketing materials, business cards and website design. My family was already making sacrifices with my forgone salary. I pondered what on earth I could do to make a few thousand dollars fairly quickly - that didn't take a lot of my time and effort that was focused on running the business (and a family). Then, it hit me - I didn't need my car to go to the office anymore and the kids take the school bus. So, after vacuuming out the cheerios and removing the car-seats, I started renting out our family car through Turo, a share

When Spring Break Lasts One More Day than Anticipated ...

you dress your preschooler in business casual and take him to the meeting! I'm biased but I think he looks ready to land some work. Life happens! And I should have known that preschool was closed. Huge shout-out to Tara Roach from C A I Insurance Agency who totally rolled with it! #momboss #hrconsulting #asliceofhr


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