One Slayer Interview Question

Back in my college days, I had a friend named Willie. Willie was a riot. He was the life-of-the-party, friend-of-a-friend type who always seemed to just show up at that night’s party or dive bar. One night, a bunch of us went to Riverbend to see a lineup of 80s rock bands. Just as Warrent revved up the crowd to sing along with the chorus of “Cherry Pie,” Willie screamed “Slayer!!” at the top of his lungs. (Slayer, another epic 80s band, was not playing or planning to play that evening.) Apparently Willie was convinced that if he yelled “Slayer” at crowded venues, someday a woman would yell back “Skynyrd” (as in Lynyrd Skynyrd), and he would know in that moment that she was his forever soulma

Time/Money Magazine

Well, it's not exactly the cover of the "Rolling Stone," but Colleen Drennen Pfaller was featured on page 120 of Time/Money Magazine! Check out her expert advice on what finding stellar talent will look like in 2019! Link to article here.

Make Your Culture YOUR Culture

Wise words from author Steve Browne who also happens to be a VP of HR at one of our favorite pizza places, LaRosa's! We love the song he is singing and are excited to be in HR at such a pivotal time.

You Always Have to Have a Side Gig

Reading Diane Mulcahy's book The Gig Economy was pivotal to me as someone who happenstanced into HR Consulting. While on maternity leave/Severance after a plant closing with Baby Boy #2, a former employer called me to ask if I could be an interim HR Manager. I gladly accepted. I could set my own hours, rates and be really helpful! After that gig ended, another and then another fell into my lap. Not only was this beneficial to my family, I could see the value it brought to my clients, who needed temporary HR expertise. The reasons companies might need temporary HR help vary such as bringing in expertise for a specific problem to covering for a critical HR leader during a Leave of Absenc


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