Stop Talking about the Weather! Getting Beyond Staff Small Talk

OMG, I loooove that scarf! Hey, did you hear? The Bengals got a new coach! Ugh, the Brent Spence Bridge was such a mess today... Let’s face it: small talk can be cringe-worthy. I mean, if you think about it, people often spend 50 hours a week together and rarely scratch below the surface! Some people might thrive on office chit-chat to get through a busy day, but others (like most introverts) hate small talk! But what if everyone — introverts and extroverts and everyone in-between — could elevate conversations to create more meaningful work relationships? Here are a few conversation tips for getting people talking. Questions, please! One common problem for introverts is not “feeling” seen an

Employee Referral Programs: Are they Worth it?

Have you ever spent hours sifting through tens if not hundreds of applications for high-turnover positions, only to come up with a few satisfactory applicants? Are you uncertain as to how to design and implement an effective digital hiring campaign? If you’re stuck on hiring, fortunately there’s a simple answer which could work like magic...but only if you do it right: employee referral programs. What are employee referral programs? Employee referral programs essentially amount to internal recruiting, and they can take many different formats, but usually include some sort of incentive for successful referrals. The key is to develop a program that actually works for your business, your recrui


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