Help us Welcome our Newest Team Member, Meagan Senkowski

Just like our clients, we’re growing! Ever gone to the grocery store and came out with the life story of a stranger? As I juggle three small children and throw semi-nutritious food in the cart, I have often pondered as to why I’m attracting these thought-provoking discussions at such inopportune moments. As an HR person, I should be a bit more savvy about identifying this strength/curse — is it some kind of weird tell-me-your-life-story vibe that I radiate? Or is it...gulp...the follow-up questions that I ask to get deeper into the story? I’ve always been curious about people — they never fail to fascinate me. This plus my 15+ years of HR experience have brought me to build a nice little bus

How a Conversation with a Monk Got Me Thinking Differently About Business

"Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” ~ Amadeus Wolfe Have you ever heard that analogy that you should be so clear in your business branding that you would be able to explain it to an alien that suddenly landed here from another planet? I found myself in that situation last weekend. Okay, so no, I didn’t meet an actual alien, or even Thor traveling from another dimension (sadly). Without meaning to sound offensive by using the term “alien,” I did have an extraordinary experience during my recent trip to the Abbey of Gethsemane. The real Gethsemane is the garden that Jesus prayed in prior to the crucifixion. There, he begged the Lord to take away his predestined fate o


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