The Time I Gave My Spouse a Performance Review

Receiving feedback is hard. Don't try to convince yourself that receiving feedback is "not personal" or "just business." I’ve been in HR a lot longer than I’ve been a wife or mom. I'm not going to lie: I organize my family a bit like a business! All three kids have color-coded google calendars so everyone can see events, deadlines, and priorities. We have junior-sized standard operating procedures (SOPs) for getting ready in the morning. Our four-year-old is always proud to show off his daily "to-do" list, a board with pictures of things like teeth (brush your teeth), cereal (eat breakfast) and socks (yes, you need to wear them). My son went on a performance improvement plan (pip) for poor b

A Guide to Dating Your Coworkers

This week we learned that yet another powerful CEO was fired over sexual misconduct in the workplace. According to The New York Times, Steve Easterbrook of McDonald’s has been engaged in a consensual relationship with an employee that was against company policy. I’m not feeling too bad for him and his $675,000 severance package. But what about the rest of us? Is dating at work (or even hanging with the opposite sex) something that should be completely avoided at the risk of career suicide? As a leader, what should you do if you spot a budding romance on your team? Apparently about 1/3 of married couples met their spouses at work. This isn't surprising — after all, where better to meet someon


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