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Let's Find Your Next Hire - The EASY Way 


Our Process has been developed by our founder, Colleen Pfaller through years of fine-tuning. Her custom approach ensures you are attracting and selecting the right person. 

Step 1: The Intake. We will meet with you and your hiring team and ask you questions until your head spins. Colleen has been working and refining this list over her 20+ years in HR. We'll get to the bottom of what you really need in your next hire and develop a profile for your next hire.  

Step 2: The Role Description. After we learn all about you, we'll take your job description and turn it into a five-bullet job ad. We have copywriters on staff to ensure your posting stands out from the pack. 

Step 3: Passive Recruiting. We will use our robust global network, our very expensive LinkedIn Recruiter Seats, and general charm to reach out to at least 50 people who meet the profile.

Step 4: Phone Interviews. After we've done massive outreach and navigated an avalanche of applicants, we will talk to at least 10 individuals about your position and learn absolutely as much as we can about them. Do they have the skills and more importantly - the determination - to be on your team? As someone from the outside, we're really good at this. We really like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. 

Step 5: The Best-Fit Candidate Summary and Personality Profiles. About two to three weeks after launching the search, we will send you the LinkedIn Profiles, Resumes, and Samples of Work (if applicable) of at least three candidates for your review. You tell us whom you want to meet! Using social algorithms -- we will plot each candidate on a heat map along with your team. Get a sneak peek at how your team will interact on the job. 

Step 6: The Interview. We will provide you and your hiring team with a scorecard based on the attributes identified in the profile. We will set up a panel interview with you and serve on the panel as a subject matter expert as well. Then, help facilitate a discussion and ultimate decision with the team. This entire process can typically be accomplished in one afternoon! 

Step 7: Selection. Once you've decided on who to hire -- we'll help you understand what is important to your new hire. Each person is different and your offer should be custom to that individual. We'll help you gather all the pertinent information - including clues from handbooks and insurance brokers to put together a beautiful and compelling offer. 

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