Let's Find Your Next Hire - The EASY Way 

Hire the Best

We are Executive Recruiters, Recruitment Specialists, Talent Acquisition Pros, and Hiring Experts. If you are a Cincinnati organization looking for smart and talented people, we've got you! 

We'd love to share our process but it's tailored for each search. We have over 20+ years of recruiting experience going back to the days before craft beer was cool (and one of us used to recruit Brewers for Sam Adams). We can tell you this, we will: 


  • Get to know you really well.

  •  Reach out to active and passive candidates that could be a great fit 

  •  Provide you with three candidates that you will be very excited to meet (because we are going to get to know them really well too). 

  •  Guide you through the interview process (if you need it)

  •  Facilitate the decision process with your hiring team

  •  Provide a fantastic candidate experience to your applicants

  •  Leverage your company's mission, vision, value, and network into the search

  •  Never hide your company name in our postings -- we want to leverage all your brand enthusiasts and we've got nothing to hide. 

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4914 Cooper Road #428672, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242