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Meet Kt Meshesha! 

HR & Recruiting

"It is what it is."


Kt's Favorite Slice: Any Pie

Kt is kind of a recruiting legend. For over 20 years, she had done every kind of search: contingency, fee-for-service (that’s us), and corporate in-house. She thrives in those needle-in-a-haystack, fast-paced technical spaces. She’s generous with her knowledge to her coworkers and delivers strong results for her clients. She is known for her quick wit, warm heart, and contagious energy. 
When Kt isn’t working — wait, she’s always working — she’s the coach for Kings school district in volleyball and basketball, HOA President, Room Mom, Former Soccer Board Member, plays several nights per week on adult volleyball leagues, and was appointed by the Mayor to the Recreational Commission Board. She is “Mom” to three daughters and 1 adorable preschooler with blue hair. 
What makes Kt’s favorite thing about HR? She like being able to make matches that are mutually beneficial and being able to see the impact people can have on an organization.

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