We believe hiring is a two-way street. We help our clients find unicorns, those critical hires that are in short supply. And we only work with companies that value people. We love the feeling of helping good people land their dream jobs. 

Interested in one of our opportunities? Please email info@asliceofhr.com with your resume and name of the desired position. If it seems like a fit, we will give you a call. We have been retained on a fee-for-service basis by the following companies. 

Various Positions

Our client, Brixey & Meyer is hiring dedicated, energetic financial professionals looking to make a difference and leave a stamp on the work they do. They are always looking for top talent - people who are thinkers, doers, and planners. And we are excited to help them find those people...for both their team and their clients. Do any of these sound like you? 

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Icon is hiring like crazy! If you're interested in any of the following, please click the button below for details.

Account Executive, Associate Designer, Content Strategist, Designer, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Designer. 


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