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HR Consulting & HR Solutions

Rely On A Dedicated HR Partner Focused Solely On Your Needs

Do not confuse the term “fractional HR” to mean apathetic or indifferent. As your HR consultant, we customize a program based completely on the needs of your business. From assistance with payroll or benefits administration to helping create employee handbooks and promoting positive work culture, A Slice of HR is here for you.

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Need a dedicated HR consultant you can trust?

We make HR a piece of cake

Sometimes you need more than just a project here or a consultation call there … you need continuous HR support on a reduced-hour basis. Our specialists can help with benefits administration, payroll, new hire orientation, compliance, employee relations, and more.

Let Us Customize a Plan for Your HR Projects

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Some recipes cannot be perfected simply by reading an index card. Human resources is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Here are some of the ways we can provide HR help when we design our custom plan specifically for your business.

Learn More About our HR Consulting Options

HR Compliance Review

One of the first steps in every one of our project plans is to conduct an HR audit to ensure you are in compliance with laws and regulations. Our team members are accredited and professionally trained on all aspects of employment laws.


Move the Needle Forward

“Through our dedicated consultant Katie, A Slice of HR helped improve our HR infrastructure, providing time, resources, and expertise as we rolled out a new human resources platform. They listened, shared ideas, and generally moved the needle forward when we needed the support.”  

Karen , Executive Director

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