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Case Studies

Recruiting Strategy Overhaul



Phone Interviews  Conducted


Openings Filled

Total Project Time:

53 Days

The Client’s Problem

A 70-year-old manufacturing company had always relied on its stellar reputation and employee referrals to attract talent. After the 2020 "Great Resignation" and labor shortage, they found themselves in a place they had never been. They had more than 30 openings that needed to be filled quickly before their busy season.

The Solution They Need

A Slice of HR Consulting Solutions 

How The Plan Was Put Into Place

A Slice of HR met with the leaders and HR department to understand the current process and identified gaps within it. They had a very solid selection and onboarding process. They needed help sourcing new candidates. A Slice of HR developed a pipeline report for each of the openings and carefully managed the process from initial application to hire. Through a targeted campaign, they added passive outreach efforts to drum up interest in local candidates. They leveraged our team for 20 hours per week for approximately three months to get their recruiting efforts back to pre-pandemic levels. 

The Benefits The Client Experienced

In 53 days, A Slice of HR reached out to 383 individuals, interviewed 64 and helped them hire 9 candidates for 4 different roles in the company. Their internal HR Team focused on selection and onboarding while we produced a steady stream of candidates for consideration. 

Hear From The Director

"This team is fantastic! We met with Colleen and the team when our hiring needs became overwhelming. This team has been our saving grace. Wonderful communication, and great strategic thinking. Took our company out of the hiring "black hole" within just a few months. I would highly recommend A Slice of HR for any company needing that extra HR/Consulting support. Thank you ladies for all you have done for us!"

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