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Case Studies

Controller Ready to Delegate


The Client’s Problem

A local nonprofit came to us because their HR function currently resided in the Accounting Department. The Controller was being promoted into an Operations role and had neither the passion nor the bandwidth to continue to execute on the growing HR needs. In addition, the Executive Director wanted to have a person on the leadership team to lean on specifically for employee relations and retention matters. Given the size of the organization, they didn’t believe this would be a 40-plus-hour position.

The Solution They Need

A Slice of HR Consulting Solutions We matched the organization with one of our consultants who was able to support them both remote and onsite (1-2 days per week) for approx 40 - 60 hours per month.

How The Plan Was Put Into Place

Because this was their first true dedicated HR function, we spent much of the first year building the infrastructure of the department. This included the following projects:

  • Implemented a new HRIS System where employees and leaders could access things like benefits, applications and hiring materials, and a central place for employee data. 

  • Rewrote the company handbook to ensure policies were in line with organizational mission.

  • Consultant worked with leadership on key employment relations issues, successfully solving and offering solutions while maintaining consistency across the organization.

  • Implemented an onboarding process and defined roles and responsibilities.

The Benefits The Client Experienced

The organization as a whole had such a positive experience with our consultant and having a dedicated “People Department.” The role became bigger and bigger to the point they have now decided to invest in an internal employee to be there on a more regular basis. Having the structure in place makes this a much easier find.


During our time with this client, HR has become a place where employees can go to discuss problems with a sympathetic ear. In turn, leaders within the organization feel that they have someone in their corner to help navigate the complicated legal waters of HR. A Slice of HR continues to support them on a consultative basis. 

Hear From The CEO

“A Slice of HR helped improve our HR infrastructure, providing time, resources and expertise as we rolled out a new human resources management platform and managed a lot of change among our staff. They listened, shared ideas and generally just moved the needle forward when we needed the support.”

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