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Case Studies

Needle-In-A-Haystack Professional Search



Phone Interviews Conducted


Candidates Contacted 

Total Search Time:

Approx 84 Days from search launch to Offer

The Client’s Problem

Due to rapid growth and mounting work, a design firm knew they needed to hire an expert to the team. With the company being in start-up stages, they didn’t know exactly the profile of the person they wanted (or the job duties that may or may not come up down the road). Culture fit was almost as important—if not more—than the skills. They wanted to keep the hard-working, smart, culture that the founder had created. They needed someone to "hit the ground running" to help keep the pace, knowing that what they did is so specialized they would also be teaching them along the way. 

The Solution They Need

A Slice of HR Consulting Solutions 

How The Plan Was Put Into Place

Using our 7-step process, we spent a lot of time with the founder and the team doing the intake and defining the role description. We found three candidates who fit the profile … but they didn’t quite seem right to the team despite scoring well on the scorecard we developed for them to analyze candidates. So, we went back to the drawing board and rewrote the role based upon what we learned during the process. Turns out, there was no one in the city in which they were located who matched the qualifications of the search. So, we expanded the search nationally and found a candidate who was absolutely perfect and willing to relocate for the excitement of this opportunity. 

The Benefits The Client Experienced

Company and team are flourishing! And we are working on finding them another new team member.

Hear From The CEO

“Our business was growing and we knew it was critical to hire the right person to join our boutique firm. A Slice Of HR listened to our needs and found us the perfect candidate to help us scale the business. In addition, they fit our culture perfect and help unify our team. We are using A Slice of HR again now as we continue to grow our team.”

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