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Does Your HR Department Need a New Name?

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Does your HR Department need a new name? Remember the Personnel days? Depending on your size, a name change could be a major endeavor or very simple. Often small companies chose to rename during an HR leadership change and post the job opening as something new and exciting like Champion of Employee Eternal Delight (kidding, not kidding).

For example, a Regional Airline client, wanted to give HR a complete reputation makeover. The newly appointed Vice President came from Operations and knew what people were whispering about behind closed doors: HR was unfriendly, compliance focused, resistant. You know all the words that are often hurled at HR as we try to be both the company’s legal compass while also motivators of achievement and growth. So, the HR department started offering onboard snacks. Imagine coming to HR and being offered Peanuts & Ginger Ale? It sure beat the traditional candy bowl. His goal was to give HR a warmer image, which it certainly did.

He wanted a name change though. He wanted that kick-in-the stomach, we are something different. As I named my consulting business, I, too struggled with the perfect name. How do we say that we are strategic, personable and we will save your neck if you happen to ask one of those illegal questions during an interview?

Each company has a different personality, culture, or DNA which must be considered when choosing a new name. The name change is only impactful if there is actual change of attitude, policies, practices or talent within the department. Employees are smart and don’t appreciate lip service.

When renaming HR, there are a few rules. The term Organizational Development focuses on the training and development of employees, Talent Acquisition focuses on recruiting, and Total Compensation focuses on Compensation & Benefits. It will be confusing if you chose one of those for the overall name of the department. However, here are some suggestions that other successful companies have implemented that just may fit the bill for your renaming effort:

Talent Acquisition & Development

Talent Relations

Human Capital Management

Partner Resources

Talent Management

People Operations

Employee Experience

Human Relations

Team Member Services

People Relations

Talent Solutions

Culture & Talent Department

Does your HR mojo need more than just a name change? Let's start by defining your unique company culture. Shoot me an email:

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