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Use Our Proven Recruiting Strategy And You Might Just "Match" With Your Next Great Hire

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Could We Be Your Next Millionaire Matchmakers?

Recently Netflix dropped Millionaire Matchmaker and every time I log on it gives me a glaring alert that there’s a new episode… apparently the Netflix AI has picked up on my guilty pleasures a little too well! 

The show is hosted and produced by Patti Stranger, a third-generation matchmaker who helps wealthy singles find love. 

It always starts the same: A millionaire bachelor or bachelorette comes to Patti with a laundry list of expectations (like height, location, career, religion) and a sob story on why they just can’t seem to find love. Patti and team then scour the area for a perfect “millionaire match.” 

Sometimes she nails it; other times… well, the millionaire just can’t be satisfied. 

And at the risk of you never taking me seriously as a professional again, Patti’s process is kind of like our client recruiting process.

(Don’t run… just hear me out!)  

After running an HR consulting firm for six years and being in HR for over 20, I’ve come to a few of the same conclusions as Patti. In the end, it comes down to self-awareness of the client and the match. 

Like Patti, we find that some matches just aren’t possible. For instance, if a leader: 

  • Leans on company culture more heavily than paying a competitive salary

  • Uses silly interview techniques like walking candidates to their car and judging them on its cleanliness

  • Doubles down on industry experience (and they are the only company in town in that particular industry) vs hiring for skill and teaching industry knowledge (or hiring globally). 

Besides years of professional experience, finding the right talent takes time and care. It takes attention, intuition, and exceptional people skills. 

And if you are a Millionaire Matchmaker fan like me, you might find some similarities and fortunately no “mixers”—although we have done happy hours to “meet the team” as a final step in the interview process. 

Whether you are a millionaire, business leader, or job seeker, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and we aren't always able to nail them down ourselves. That's why getting an outside perspective can be super helpful.

Finding a good match is about being crystal clear on your top traits and deal-breakers, and looking for a relationship that looks and feels like a "win" for both parties.

It's not about a neverending search for perfection. 

With that in mind, here’s what our tried-and-true recruiting process looks like, and why it’s so important to have people like our awesome HR consultants nailing down the details on each step. 

Step 1: The Intake

First things first: Let’s get to know each other! 

We want to know about your company, your organizational culture, your business vision, your current staff and management teams, your favorite 70s band, your favorite kind of pie… okay not really. 

But we want to know a lot

Before a job is even posted, we’re going to ask you questions until your head spins!  Getting to know your company inside and out is a crucial part of the hiring process. We always learn a lot at this point, and you might just have an aha moment or two as well. 

We know that each company, position, and job posting has a unique set of qualities, as are the people who want to join your team. It’s our job to bring it all together.

Our HR consultants will get to the bottom of what you really need! We’re also super friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Step 2: Developing Role Description

Once we’ve gathered all the (relevant) information about what you’re looking for, we’ll take the key points of the job description and turn it into a job ad which will be featured on LinkedIn and on our website. 

We’ll be sure to include all of the details needed to make sure the ad stands out from your competition pack.  

Your next great hire is out there… we promise! It just might take a little digging to find and hire the right talent

Step 3: Passive Recruiting

Now comes the really fun (but also sometimes time-consuming and challenging) part. 

Using our robust global network, our VIP LinkedIn Recruiter Seats, our years of expertise, and our general charm, a member of our HR consulting team will start digging around for at least 50 people who fit the bill. 

This can be an interesting part of the process when we try to reach out to some passive candidates (eg: people who aren’t actively looking for a job—read more about that here.)  

And never forget this most important part: any interested, well-qualified candidate will want to have a real conversation, which we try to encourage. They want a personalized message that speaks to their qualifications, not a random "cold" message which is way off-base. 

We'll start connecting with people, and eventually whittle it down to a handful of what we think could be the best candidates. 

Step 4: Phone Interviews

After that outreach, we will talk to at least 10 individuals about your position and learn as much as we can about them with the main goals of learning:  

  1. Whether they have the skills that are needed to perform the job well 

  2. If they could be a good (if not great) fit with your organization's culture and team 

There is a bit of intuitive digging at this point. We want to talk to them on the phone to get a general idea of their personality, strengths, knowledge, and interests. 

Trust our team to find your next match—GET a quote here

Step 5: Finding Finalists

Once we’ve narrowed down some possible matches, we’ll send you the information for at least three.  

Our goal is to have clients interview all the candidates we present; if they don’t want to, it means that we haven't identified something in the intake and should come back to the search. 

At this phase, we may uncover some potential gaps in the process and need to backtrack a bit—but this is a good thing, trust me! In one case, we found three candidates who fit the profile … but they didn’t quite seem right to the team despite scoring well on the scorecard we developed for them to analyze candidates. So, we went back to the drawing board and rewrote the role based on what we learned during the process.

Step 6: The Interview

Using social algorithms, we'll plot each candidate on a heat map along with your team to give you a sneak peek at how your team will interact on the job.

You tell us who you want to meet and we'll set it up! (We've been known to get from the interview to the final decision in one afternoon, but of course there's no guarantee.)

We'll get you and your hiring team a scorecard based on the attributes identified in the profile. Then, we'll set up a panel interview with all of us, which will help us facilitate further discussion as we make the ultimate decision together.

Step 7: The Selection

Once you've decided who to hire, we will help you understand what is important to your new hire. Each person is different, and your offer should be custom to that individual.

We will help you gather all the pertinent information, including clues from handbooks and insurance brokers, to put together a beautiful and compelling offer. 

Why hire professional HR consultants to do your recruiting?

Yes, our HR consultants are recruiting experts. But the word "recruiting" sounds so… cold. That's why like to think of ourselves more like matchmakers. 

There are many benefits to hiring our fantastic team for recruiting in Ohio and beyond: 

  1. We aren’t YOU! So we can be a reliable third-party source (like Patti) to bring people together who might not otherwise meet. 

  2. You save money and time, and have more space to focus on actually running your business. 

  3. We can assess your needs, do the search, and help you through the hiring process in about two months (on average). 

  4. We can dial up or down our offerings to fit your fluctuating needs. 

  5. We offer candidates an exceptional experience, so that when they're hired they start off on the best note possible.

I’ve spent years fine-tuning our recruiting strategy which has led to this 7-step approach, and so far so good!

Want to learn more? Contact us to get started!


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