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We’ve Got Some Big News to Share!

I’ve often compared growing a business to growing a garden.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you may recall a blog post I wrote on our two-year anniversary in 2019, when I shared one of my favorite meditations from Chel Hamilton:  

“And like any garden. It takes some time. It takes some care. As you show up and put in the work and stay out of the results. Because you know that if you keep digging seeds up, they don’t grow very well. So you plant them and let it go. And tend to the things that can be tended to while trusting that the seeds and plants will grow. You have planned accordingly. You’ve planted them in just the right soil, in just the right amount of light to care for their needs in this garden of your life.”

And the garden grew. And grew. And grew. Fueled by the love, enthusiasm, and encouragement that I have received from so many of you. 

And then, one day it looked at me and said “Feed me, Seymour,” and I knew it was time for something new. 

Since I put those words on the virtual page, ASOHR has seen so much success over the years.

Some of the most touted are: 

We’ve also been featured in publications like Money Magazine, NPR Marketplace, Career Builder, and HR Magazine. We are currently the outsourced HR team for 28 organizations, have a team of eight, and finished last year with a 90% client retention rate. 

While accolades are fantastic, the thing that I am most proud of is the partnerships we’ve built and how we do business. 

If you know me, you know that “Good HR” is like a religion to me. And as a wise mentor once told me, doing the right thing will always be the correct thing. 

These strong values of trust, humor, and whole-hearted HR have blossomed. We’ve found a team and clients who also value these things – and we’ve done remarkable things to build and support remarkable teams all over Cincinnati and beyond! 

And as the sprouts were growing, others became aware of not only our accomplishments but our approach to work. OneDigital reached out to see if we might want to join forces to take HRC to the next level in our region. 

They are described as fierce advocates of health, success, and financial security. 

Yep, that sounds like us, I thought. And after months of discussions, it became official on February 1, 2024. 

This is a company that cares about its employees (for real) and has a string of awards and accolades, including Top 100 Broker, Best Places to Work, and a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award. (You can read more about them here.). 

I feel confident that we will not only continue to do “Good HR” but also expand our reach to other organizations that want to elevate HR in their organizations. 

What changes?  

We’re still the same team that you’ve come to trust—we’ll just have more brawn behind us when it comes to offerings and expertise. All of our consultants (including me) have been offered and accepted jobs with OneDigital, so our team continues to function in the “pod” structure that our clients are accustomed to. 

Our clients will continue to work with us in the same way that they always have, with a team of dedicated consultants and 1:1 attention. 

Some of the things our consultants and clients are most excited about include:  

  • Robust legal resources via LexisNexis, like up-to-the-minute recommendations on policy adjustments, and they have three employment attorneys on staff!!

  • National compensation data

  • More tools for assessing HR risk 

  • A Virtual Training Library 

  • Expanded services including Employee Benefits, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Retirement Planning

As far as the nitty-gritty goes: 

  • Your invoices will come from Slice/Quickbooks until the end of March. Then, you will start receiving them directly from OneDigital's central billing office. We will offer the same pay options, including ACH, checks,, and credit cards. 

  • Our email addresses will be changing effective March 18th (but don’t worry - if you accidentally email, as there is a grace period). 

What happens next?  

Our newsletter, The Slice Scoop, will continue to come straight to your inbox, along with your quarterly project roadmaps and regularly scheduled updates. 

As a OneDigital company, we will have more power, services, and resources, to help you and your employees excel in the workforce. 

We’ll still be serving up that favorite “slice” in the friendly, down-home way we always have. We value the support of our clients and hope that this will be the start of a beautiful partnership. 

Thank you for the trust that you continue to place in us, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR Consultant should you have any questions throughout the process. 

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