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Happy Birthday, Baby!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

"When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance." ~ Unknown

“How’s the Business?” a friend texted the other day.

“Like any demanding two-year-old,” I replied. “A lot of work, and a lot of fun.”

My baby business turns two on October 17th - TODAY.

I want to take a moment and celebrate with baby A Slice of HR (ASOHR).

We’ve had an amazing two years together. Here are a few of our accomplishments:

  • Developed ongoing relationships with 14 incredible, dynamic, forward- thinking Cincinnati businesses

  • Hired for our clients: 3 CFOs, 1 Accountant, 3 Industry Specific Engineers, 2 HR Managers, 1 Training Manager, 1 Production Planner, 1 Associate Director, 3 Data Analytic Pros, 4 Account/Project Managers, 1 Copywriter, and 2 Designers

  • Developed relationships with over 900 people in the Cincinnati area as possible fits for our clients

  • Created an Organizational Design & Succession Plan for our client

  • Implemented Quarterly 360 Degree Feedback system for our client

  • Developed & executed a custom team-building event with a team of Application Engineers

  • Wrote tons of job descriptions, published lots of handbooks and revised countless job postings

  • Spoke at premier local & national conferences

  • Wrote our hearts out and were published in places like NPR, Thrive Global, Money Magazine, SHRM, Careerbuilder

  • Self-taught and built our website

  • Built a small, creative, enthusiastic, fun team

  • Received recommendations & referrals that made me teary-eyed with pride

My baby is now a rowdy, fun, dynamic toddler. Demanding my attention. Yet, grown-up enough to see glimpses of myself and the pride that comes along with that.

Gone are the days where I wake up in the middle of the night to make sure that she is still breathing. She’s alive, kicking and I’ve let go of the fear that she will suddenly disappear or I’ll drop her or I won’t feed her enough.

My mind often wanders to what she will do and who she will become as she grows.

What was once a figment of my imagination, a dream, is a day-to-day reality.

She keeps me busy but I’ve found purpose in work. I can see the results of a business built on my values and priorities.

And she keeps me laughing.

Through her, I’ve met like-minded people, and business owners who need the services of my business, and it’s made me a part of a new tribe. We can have long effortless conversations about strategy, sales projections, elevator pitches, and balance sheets.

She’s changed what I’ve read and what I want to watch. I’m hungry to learn more and more about how to take care of her better.

She still has so much to learn and most of the things she doesn’t even know that she needs to know yet. Like how to make a successful cold call or be a bit bolder in uncovering the sale.

She’s old enough to have fallen. She’s trusted the wrong people. Invested in the wrong things (like the too-good-to-be-true overseas company that promised to get me on the first page of Google for just a few hundred dollars per month...).

But she gets up and takes another step.

She wakes up early. Things that used to have more of a priority – like watching TV or sleeping in on Saturday – have disappeared without any real remorse. She’s crept into all the empty spaces.

I could go on and on with this analogy…

One of my favorite meditations is Chel Hamilton’s Garden of Your Life. In it, she guides you barefoot through a garden.

“And like any garden. It takes some time. It takes some care. As you show up and put in the work and stay out of the results. Because you know that if you keep digging seeds up, they don’t grow very well. So you plant them and let it go. And tend to the things that can be tended to while trusting that the seeds and plants will grow. You have planned accordingly. You’ve planted them in just the right soil, in just the right amount of light to care for their needs in this garden of your life.”

Powerful, huh?

(Just add some therapeutic wind instruments and you’ll be weeping in the lotus pose in no time!)

I think it summarizes this stage of my life pretty well – and maybe yours too.

Maybe you aren’t growing a business or a pack of boys like I am, but I think many can all relate to the frustration of being in the middle and hungry for the next step or some more fulfilling results.

I've been planting the seeds and waiting and trusting. But much like businesses and children, it could take years.

So we till, nurture, water, and wait.

Ahhh, Aerosmith, you were right: Life IS a Journey. Not a Destination. (I think Emerson might have said it first, but not with the charisma of Steven Tyler).

In the meantime, I’m humbled by the love, enthusiasm, and encouragement I received from so many. If you’ve read this far -- this includes YOU.

A special shout-out to Keith P. who has read and pressed “like” on every. single. one. of. my. posts. moonlights as a technical support technician, and has fully embraced the realities of living an entrepreneurial dream that is not his own.

For those of you who are looking for ways to support ASOHR or any friend's business, here are some ways (all free):

  • Follow on social media.

  • Like posts if they resonate.

  • Comment (or post an emoji or "yes" in the comments) on Posts - it helps even more than a like. LinkedIn ads start at 10K; so the organic reach is imperative.

  • Collaborate. I’m always looking to add to my network. Maybe there is a way my business can help your business. Even if we’ve never “met” - reach out. Let’s chat!

  • If you’ve worked with me before, write A Slice of HR review on Google.

  • Share a blog post with your network.

  • Introduce us to your HR Director or Hiring Manager. If you hire employees, we can help especially when it comes to Engineers, Creatives, Accountants, Professional Services, Nonprofit Leadership, Manufacturing & Logistics, and HR Pros.

  • Let us quote your recruiting in 2020. I have a hunch we will save you money and exceed your expectations.

Thank you for taking this journey with us! Happy Birthday, ASOHR. Looking forward to many more years together.

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